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Look out Jeter, there’s a new Captain in town.

Jeff Wilpon called David our Jeter a few weeks ago, and TC said that he doesn’t need a C on his jersey because “number 2” doesn’t have one. 

You know what? Ddubs isn’t Jeter. He’s OUR number 5.

Sure, right now, Jeter has the rings and the face recognition. But who’s to say that the Mets of the teens won’t be the Yanks of the ’90s? And, thanks to the WBC, David could be more identifiable to a new generation of baseball fans.

It’s easy to be beloved when you are on a good team and when you are part of a dynasty. It’s much harder when the team came close one year, collapsed at the end of the next two, then fully crumbled for the next 4 years (at least). And, David may have been one of the few shining lights in those years, but he still stuck it out.

It’s easy to decide you want to stay put on the team that gave you your start when it looks like there’s unlimited money and unlimited talent/potential at your fingertips. But, when you go into the off season before your contract year, and your only goal is to stay on the team that gave you your start - and it looks like there could be plenty of talent and maybe money in a few years, but no guarantees - that is much harder and much more telling. This is especially remarkable when you know that you could get so much more money I the open market in a year.

It’s easy to be loyal when it’s always sunshine and flowers. To stick it out through rain and mud, because you are loyal to your team and your fans, that means so much more.

David isn’t Jeter - he’s our David. I don’t want another Jeter… I want my Ddubs because, well, he’s our DW.

And, as far as the ‘C’ goes, I personally would like to see it on his uniform. Is it required? Necessary? Probably not. But is it meaningful? Absolutely.

Either way - we have David. And he’s ours. And that’s more amazin than a Jeter.

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