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Put Gil in the Hall. #MetsFanProblems #Mets #Baseball  (at Citi Field Stadium)

Put Gil in the Hall. #MetsFanProblems #Mets #Baseball (at Citi Field Stadium)

Feels so good to be back. #ValleyCats #518 #Baseball #baseballismyfirstlove (at Joseph L. Bruno Stadium)

Feels so good to be back. #ValleyCats #518 #Baseball #baseballismyfirstlove (at Joseph L. Bruno Stadium)

The great Citi Field debacle of 6/14/14

So, Saturday night was 50 Cent night at Citi, and full disclosure, I don’t think in theory it was a bad idea. Fiddy was part of the soundtrack to my latter HS then college years, so it was a show I wanted to see. The problem is with how it all went down. MetsPolice documented his issues, all valid, but I had a different perspective. Needless to say, it escalated quickly.

I had a torturous exam Saturday morning, so I was ready for beers, Mets, MetsFanFriends and Fiddy. Even me, fun loving ridiculous Becca, was just done with the nonsense. The park was filled with a lot of people there just for the show. Great. Bring people in. But it was the dicks that showed up.

The women’s bathroom by the Bridge was atrocious - floor covered with TP, paper towels and paper towel rolls. Someone even broke off one of the TP racks in a stall and it was chilling on the floor. WHAT SORT OF SHE-RA STRENGTH CHICK RIPS THE TP HOLDER OFF THE WALL. It was never remotely like that - not opening day, not Mike Piazza Day, not even the ASG.

Then the douches on the Bridge were either being generally obnoxious, cheering the Yanks or the Phils, or just all around, well, dicks. Then some clown comes walking by and just THROWS his cup of beer - not accidentally dropping it, because clumsy Becca gets that, but just stands there and THROWS IT getting some of us soaked. It wasn’t even like he was arguing with someone and it got out of hand. He. Just. Threw. It. I don’t think security saw it, but I waved them over and he was tossed - not before his bros tried to scurry him away.

Fucking really? Just throwing beer? First, you wasted a $9 beer. Second, there was no instigation. I’ve gotten hit with ricochet beer during a fight, which is dickish in its own right, but at least there was a reason. Nothing here. Nothing. We don’t want that kind in our ballpark.

Were security and the cleaning crew unprepared? It would seem so. The whole point of this show was to get asses in the seats, which it did. Why the hell weren’t they ready for it? That’s on Citi Field management.

On the field we looked ridiculous. dD had some good throws, but that was about it. Then the boo birds. Please, stop booing our own team. I’m just as frustrated as you, but booing does nothing other than make us look like dicks.

After the game, we attempted to get seats for the show by home plate - only they didn’t tell us that only 2 sections were open to walk down, then over. So we stood there getting knocked around waiting to go down only to be told we couldn’t enter that way. A little more information would have been helpful, Citi. After getting literally shoved by a Yankees fan who didn’t bother to apologize (really, most would have been forgiven with an apology), we went upstairs, which was mostly real fans who came to the ballpark fit the game and the show. It was actually fun up there. Yes, people were lighting up, but security should have been handling that - and you know it wasn’t just the imposters doing it.

So needless to say, a potentially good day at the ballpark was ruined by shoddy management and a bunch of dicks.

Doesn’t this look like fun? You should come to Banner Day on Sunday. (From 2012)

Doesn’t this look like fun? You should come to Banner Day on Sunday. (From 2012)

The Mets may not be pushing it, but you should come to Banner Day.

Banner Day is Sunday. Banner Day is important.

It is a great tradition that fell by the wayside foot several years, but it was brought back in 2012. Something like 300 banners showed up that year, and because of crappy scheduling and weather, last year saw 100.

I was there for both. I’ll be there this year. You should too.

It’s been on the calendar all year, but an official announcement wasn’t made until this weekend by the team. Just because they haven’t said anything, doesn’t mean Sunday is meaningless. It’s important.

Banner Day honors tradition and is a bona fide way for fans to get involved and show their love for the team - and I fully expect that love to be expressed via a few #FreeLagares banners. And that’s amazing. Get some cheap (student) tickets and show up.

We don’t want it to go away. I want my nephews, nieces, friend’s kids, and ask of us, to be able to celebrate this for years to come.

You don’t need to be Rembrandt to make an awesome and heart felt banner. So, get some poster board, some colored paper, glue and markers. Show up around 10am on Sunday. Walk around the warning track. Wave to spectators. Show your love for your team (even if that means a pro player banner, that is really a “WTF” to the team).

Point is, show up. Banner Day is important.

Don Draper and the Mets

Last night was a very Metsian episode of Mad Men. It’s spring 1969, and Don (the main dude) takes over Lane’s (a British transplant who supported the Mets since his arrival in ‘66ish, who hung himself after stealing from the firm) office. He finds Lane’s Mets pennant and tosses it, only we see it on his wall later. Then he gets drunk, calls a buddy, wants to go to Shea, sings Meet the Mets, then is too drunk to go to the game.

Sooooo many things. First, IT’S A MARATHON DON, NOT A SPRINT. I wonder if Don would have slowed down the pregaming in Manhattan if there was a McFadden’s just outside Shea. Then strolled into the game in the 4th inning. Regardless, some MetsFanProblems never change.

Is the pennant symbolic of something more? Is it the resurrection of his career as it coincides with the rise and success of the Amazins? Is it foreshadowing that he will meet the same fate as Lane?

For me, more importantly, does this mean the success of the Mets, the championship, the victory parade, etc be tied in with the rest of the show and its ultimate finale next year? I thought there would be a major moment at Woodstock (maybe Peggy finally embracing her inner hippie), but maybe it’ll be a set up for someone having a major moment somewhere along the road to the championship. Maybe Don let’s himself go and rushes the field, or Sally skips school to go a game, or the firm gets advertising space at Shea, or Peggy or Joan dates a player, or…. well, you get it.

Or, maybe, selfishly, there will be screen time for the likes of Seaver or Ryan or Kranepool or (!) Gil Hodges or JOAN WHITNEY PAYSON.

Or, it may not mean a damn thing, but just a way to bring Lane back into the conversation. Or a tie in with Jon Hamm’s upcoming “baseball” movie. All of this is speculation, and an idle brain going over these scenes.

Either way, it’s great to see the Mets talked about on the show, and it was an important piece of New York and New York history in 1969. The possibilities are endless (or totally finite) for the Mad Men/Mets collaboration.

And, MetsFanProblems fo’ eva.

I’d like to see at Citi… an active organist and remember Jane Jarvis.

Yes, we all want better things on the field and wins, but I will occasionally be sharing things I want to see at Citi Field… What about you?

I will say that recently, organ music has been more prevalent at Citi and its great…. BUT…. it seems like most of the organ music is “canned.”  I think I heard the organ version of “Radioactive” five times last Sunday; while I dig Imagine Dragons, maybe we need something to change it up.  Something like a live organist playing before, during and after a game - playing different must every time.  While we may not get it every day, how about home Sundays?  Get an organist that will take requests (maybe ala the Kiss Cam selection via Twitter or maybe online voting leading up to the game), or play tongue in cheek walk up music for opposing pitchers. 

I remember hearing a story about Jane Jarvis, Shea’s long-time organist, played “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” for Tug McGraw - even after he went to Philly.  Let’s get some of that tradition going again. 

Speaking of Jane Jarvis - I can bet you many people have NO idea who she was. So, lets get some sort of acknowledgement for Jane.  First step, lets get Jane’s version of Meet the Mets playing as the boys take the field, and make sure that it is clearly indicated/advertised who’s version that is.  Put a picture of her playing up on one of the many collages around the stadium, put something up in the Mets HOF, SOMETHING.

It is time to properly honor Joan Payson. An open letter to the Mets and their fans.

If you remotely follow me on social media, it is pretty clear that I am not content with how Joan Payson is recognized by the Mets or by the fans.  In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that most fans don’t even know who she was - and if they do, they have no idea how important she was to the history of our team and baseball. She. Is. The. Reason. The. Mets. Exist.

She was one of the few dissenting votes against moving the Giants to the west coast.  She sold her shares and worked to get National League baseball back to New York.  She, along with the work of Bill Shea and M. Donald Grant, brought us the Metropolitans and Shea Stadium.  She was the first female owner of a major sports franchise.  She did everything in her power to bring Willie Mays back to New York so he could retire here - where she thought he belonged.  She could be seen at games hanging out in the seats with the fans, because, you know what, SHE WAS ONE.

When Darren asked what player you would want to have lunch with, I said Joan Payson, sitting at a game eating a hot dog.  I would want to know what drove her, what she would think of the state of the Mets and MLB today, and why there still hasn’t been a major female presence in the owner’s or executive offices in this sport, amongst a million other questions.

On another level, there is no major written work about her.  No feminist authors, no baseball authors, no historians - no one has decided to write about her.  Why?  You know what she has going for her at Citi Field?  A mini side door that is not accessible to the public without so much as a picture.  WHY?!?!  WHY METS, WHY?!!

I have said it time and time again that it should be the Payson Rotunda (I would even concede the Seaver Rotunda, although I think he would agree that “Mrs. Payson” deserves it) after the woman who brought baseball to Queens.  Since that will never change, I really need to get over it.  But, why not name something else after her beyond a nondescript door?  Why couldn’t one of the gates be named for her - you have gates named after the first manager and the first manager to lead our Mets to the World Championship, why not one for the woman who OVERSAW ALL OF IT?!  I really just don’t understand why there was not even a second thought given to her and what her name means to this team.

Beyond that, there are action pictures all over the ballpark (that were added after fan outcry when the ballpark opened), why are there none that I have seen that include her? (If you found one, please, point me in the right direction).  I have also not seen her name or face on any of those snazzy banners that hang outside and line the facade of Citi.  From what I recall, in all the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the team, and the All Star Game, etc. Joan was not mentioned at all.  There has not been a Joan Payson day or bobblehead.


Here is my call to the Mets organization and my fellow fans - let us honor the woman who brought us our Mets. She is probably the most important person in the history of our team, because without her we wouldn’t be here.  Lets do something about it.  Giver her a gate, give her a day, give her the respect she deserves.  Fans, if you don’t know about her, learn about her.  Just freakin’ Google her for Christ sake and read up on her Wikipedia page.  Something.

We wouldn’t be here without her.

Let us honor our past, so when we celebrate, it is that much sweeter. LGM!

I saw a major league ballpark yesterday, and I was so goddam happy. #Baseball

I saw a major league ballpark yesterday, and I was so goddam happy. #Baseball

A little late, but a quick photo recap of the last Mets games of 2013. See ya on March 31!

A little late, but a quick photo recap of the last Mets games of 2013. See ya on March 31!