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It is time to properly honor Joan Payson. An open letter to the Mets and their fans.

If you remotely follow me on social media, it is pretty clear that I am not content with how Joan Payson is recognized by the Mets or by the fans.  In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that most fans don’t even know who she was - and if they do, they have no idea how important she was to the history of our team and baseball. She. Is. The. Reason. The. Mets. Exist.

She was one of the few dissenting votes against moving the Giants to the west coast.  She sold her shares and worked to get National League baseball back to New York.  She, along with the work of Bill Shea and M. Donald Grant, brought us the Metropolitans and Shea Stadium.  She was the first female owner of a major sports franchise.  She did everything in her power to bring Willie Mays back to New York so he could retire here - where she thought he belonged.  She could be seen at games hanging out in the seats with the fans, because, you know what, SHE WAS ONE.

When Darren asked what player you would want to have lunch with, I said Joan Payson, sitting at a game eating a hot dog.  I would want to know what drove her, what she would think of the state of the Mets and MLB today, and why there still hasn’t been a major female presence in the owner’s or executive offices in this sport, amongst a million other questions.

On another level, there is no major written work about her.  No feminist authors, no baseball authors, no historians - no one has decided to write about her.  Why?  You know what she has going for her at Citi Field?  A mini side door that is not accessible to the public without so much as a picture.  WHY?!?!  WHY METS, WHY?!!

I have said it time and time again that it should be the Payson Rotunda (I would even concede the Seaver Rotunda, although I think he would agree that “Mrs. Payson” deserves it) after the woman who brought baseball to Queens.  Since that will never change, I really need to get over it.  But, why not name something else after her beyond a nondescript door?  Why couldn’t one of the gates be named for her - you have gates named after the first manager and the first manager to lead our Mets to the World Championship, why not one for the woman who OVERSAW ALL OF IT?!  I really just don’t understand why there was not even a second thought given to her and what her name means to this team.

Beyond that, there are action pictures all over the ballpark (that were added after fan outcry when the ballpark opened), why are there none that I have seen that include her? (If you found one, please, point me in the right direction).  I have also not seen her name or face on any of those snazzy banners that hang outside and line the facade of Citi.  From what I recall, in all the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the team, and the All Star Game, etc. Joan was not mentioned at all.  There has not been a Joan Payson day or bobblehead.


Here is my call to the Mets organization and my fellow fans - let us honor the woman who brought us our Mets. She is probably the most important person in the history of our team, because without her we wouldn’t be here.  Lets do something about it.  Giver her a gate, give her a day, give her the respect she deserves.  Fans, if you don’t know about her, learn about her.  Just freakin’ Google her for Christ sake and read up on her Wikipedia page.  Something.

We wouldn’t be here without her.

Let us honor our past, so when we celebrate, it is that much sweeter. LGM!

I saw a major league ballpark yesterday, and I was so goddam happy. #Baseball

I saw a major league ballpark yesterday, and I was so goddam happy. #Baseball

A little late, but a quick photo recap of the last Mets games of 2013. See ya on March 31!

A little late, but a quick photo recap of the last Mets games of 2013. See ya on March 31!

Last night’s Gavin Cecchini/LJ Mazzilli shots at the #Cyclones / #ValleyCats game. #baseball #Mets  (at Joseph L. Bruno Stadium)

Last night’s Gavin Cecchini/LJ Mazzilli shots at the #Cyclones / #ValleyCats game. #baseball #Mets (at Joseph L. Bruno Stadium)

"Despite what may be believed, some women deeply love what has long been considered a man’s game, and the time is overdue for the gatekeepers of fandom to accept, support, and welcome that sentiment, and for sports media to report on it in a non-biased way."

This is a great read.  When I don’t feel like I have to overcompensate or when I don’t get second looks because I love sports and have a vagina, and when you aren’t labeled a “FEMALE fan” is when we have made it.  One step at a time.

Baseball is my passion, and I love my college football (and basketball, and pro football, and….).  I work my schedule around them when I can.  You will find me listening to the Mets games on my AtBat app when I am not at Citi (or whatever other ballpark I may see them play in) or watching the TV.  I will scour the internet for the Hokie football feed when they are only on a regional broadcast - and will huddle over my phone or laptop to watch.  When the Mets are home, I am usually in Flushing and Hokie Football fills every fall Saturday afternoon (or Thursday night).

I will say this, many of the MetsFanFriends and MetsTwitter have generally been open to female fans - and I think alot of it is because there are ALOT of strong, passionate, intense, loyal (and beautiful) broads on there.  Yes, dudes will be dudes and be douchey and bitches will suck and haters go’n hate - but, it usually has nothing to do with our sports intensity.  We are all on the Bridge or at McFaddens or in the MTA lot right with them. Sometimes they will call you out (like what happened to me last weekend) because you are so devoted and they respect that - whether you are a dude or a chick.  When the outsiders come in is when we get some sideways glares, but usually that turns into a little confusion, then awe, then surprise, then acceptance (eventually).  We are not there yet, but, one step at a time.

Carlos and Terry chatting during work outs. #ASG #baseball

Carlos and Terry chatting during work outs. #ASG #baseball

You never know how much you need a mitt lounger until you sit in one. #baseball

You never know how much you need a mitt lounger until you sit in one. #baseball

As we all know, Citi Field is hosting the 2013 All-Star Game.  One of the events that accompanies Tuesday’s game is the All-Star Game 5K, which will be run on Saturday, July 13th in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.  Sign up, get donations, and support Sandy relief!

You can raise dough individually, and you can create a team.  John Franco has created one, and I was debating creating one if any of you are interested - or if any of you have created one, let me know!  Top individual and team fundraisers get perks, recognition and the like.  So what are you waiting for?!

I know, it starts 8am on a Saturday.  And you have to run.  But, I have a kick ass wedding to attend Friday night, and I plan on being in Prospect Park ready to run.  I know I won’t be able to run the whole thing, and I am a slow-ass runner, but I will be there.  And I will finish. And I will help raise dough for Sandy relief.  WHY DON’T YOU?!

As we go for a series win, Throwback Thursday is my trip to Nats Park last summer. It was a 1-0 victory after an Ike Davis homerun.

As we go for a series win, Throwback Thursday is my trip to Nats Park last summer. It was a 1-0 victory after an Ike Davis homerun.

And so we look to start again…

Monday was an off day.  Sometimes I am just grateful for off days.

Yea, we swept the Skanks, yet we get clobbered by the shitty Feeeeesh.  Really?  Well, we’ve all bitched about it enough, so lets look ahead.

Remember when the Nats were supposed to be the team to beat?  Not just in the East, but pretty much in the entire National League?  It looks like now they have taken 3 steps back over the last year.  So, who is to say we can’t take advantage of that?  No Harper.  Who knows if we’ll see Strasburg (we all know Harvey’s better anyway).  Lets take advantage of it.

Lets kick a team when they are down - people like kicking us, even when we think we are on the upswing.  Lets dish it back.  Lets get this rally started again.  Do I think we are good enough to make the playoffs? Probably not.  Do I think we have the chance to be a heartbreaker or king maker?  Absolutely.  Can 2013 Mets baseball still be fun?  Hell yes.

D’arnaud is starting to rehab… we will probably see Wheeler in less than 2 weeks.  Marcum, regardless of Miami, appears to actually be getting better. 

Yea, we need Ike to get his shit together (or get laid), and David to stop sucking (#BlameMollyBeers), but we have Murph who is having a tremendous season and the surprising solid performance of guys like Byrd (yes, I know he had 2 errors over the last few days, but lets look at the full product).

So, lets play our small ball, and be a spoiler.  Because, who knows, in 2 years, someone might be trying to rain on our parade and destroy our run to the playoffs.  And, we have been talking about “the future” for 3 years now.  While I don’t think we are there yet, this season could give us inklings and sparks.  Why can’t we do it too and enjoy baseball at the same time?