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Hi57ory, the Kid and Some Angels

Last night happened with Murph and Lindsey calling the play-by-play; Gil looking over TC’s shoulder with a scuffed ball and a whisper to keep Johan in the game; Tug chanting “ya gotta believe” from the bullpen; Mrs. Payson sitting behind the dugout with a smile full of love and devotion on her face; and The Kid calling the pitches.  I said this year we need to win one for the Kid - but I think he gave us this great miracle. Last night Johan had 8Ks, and the Mets had 8 hits and 8 homeruns.

I was at the Zac Brown concert last night, faithfully checking my phone (whenever it had service… SPAC is like Citi in that way).  All of a sudden, I feel my phone vibrate over and over and over - meaning I just got a ton of texts.  I look down to find that Johan had done it. 8,020 games and 50+ years - and Johan did it after a lost season and a shoulder injury.  I jumped, I screamed, I hollared, and I scared the crap out of everyone around me.  A couple standing next to us vaguely heard what I said; when I confirmed with them that we had a no no, the three of us flipped out.  Amazin. 

Fans don’t need to be there to share in the joy. We FEEL it.  I knew something was gonna happen last night - for good or for bad - which is why I kept checking the Twitter feed and text updates.  And sure enough, greatness arrived in the form of a “NO-HAN” text update from Twitter.  I shouted it as loud as I good.  When we got back to the car, I started responding, and reading, and downloading the audio that Mets Police had already posted.  Then I stopped. And I cried.  Tears of joy; tears of relief; tears because this is a life long love affair that I (along with all my fellow fans) have had with our New York Metropolitans (and really, our fellow fans).

People mocked us true faithful fans. We are the faithful.  We love our boys, and how this team has played, and, you know what- these guys love us just as much in return.  We are all invested together.  Hearing Gary’s call on the strike out - and Ron’s yelp in the background - was awesome; Howie’s great “put it in the books - the HISTORY BOOKS” was just as awesome.   You can hear the emotion in all of it - not just the historical nature of what happened as a baseball observer, but the fact that those guys have just as much invested in this as we do, and as the players do.

We shared in Justin Turner’s enthusiasm when he strolled out with his boot on to pie Johan - his typical role after clutch performances. We tasted the champagne showered on Johan in the dugout.  We were dancing to the music blaring out of the clubhouse as Johan thanked his team for making history with him.  We cried Terry’s tears and share his sentiment that Johan is his hero. 

To be honest, the one place I would have rather been last night, is sitting in the living room of 117 Centre Avenue watching the game with Boppy in the recliner, and Nana dozing on the couch.  To share such a great memory with them, as I did for so many other amazing Mets days.  Maybe Nana was up there, too - sitting right next to Mrs. Payson, both in fancy new hats and dresses.